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Wedgwood Pashmina

Wedgwood's Pashmina is inspired by the exotic designs of the sub continent, the Pashmina pattern is one of the first designs to use Wedgwood's 250th anniversary shape '1759'. Each individual piece is rendered in white, fine bone china and decorated with a delicately rendered floral pattern and lustrous gold accents.

Wedgwood Pashmina PiecesMSRPSale!Qty
Pashmina 5 Piece Place SettingPashmina 5 Piece Place Setting
SKU: 5C106900222
Pashmina Dinner Plate 10.75 in.Pashmina Dinner Plate 10.75 in.
SKU: 5C106901004
Pashmina Salad Plate 8 in.Pashmina Salad Plate 8 in.
SKU: 5C106901006
Pashmina Accent Salad Plate 9 in.Pashmina Accent Salad Plate 9 in.
SKU: 5C106901005
Pashmina Bread and Butter Plate 6 in.Pashmina Bread and Butter Plate 6 in.
SKU: 5C106901008
Pashmina TeacupPashmina Teacup
SKU: 5C106902203
Pashmina Tea SaucerPashmina Tea Saucer
SKU: 5C106902204
Pashmina Rim Soup Plate 9 in.Pashmina Rim Soup Plate 9 in.
SKU: 5C106901012
Pashmina Serving Bowl 10 in.Pashmina Serving Bowl 10 in.
SKU: 5C106902217
Pashmina Oval Platter 13.75 in.Pashmina Oval Platter 13.75 in.
SKU: 5C106903001
Pashmina Teapot 2.1 pt.Pashmina Teapot 2.1 pt.
SKU: 5C106902211
Pashmina SugarPashmina Sugar
SKU: 5C106902212
Pashmina CreamerPashmina Creamer
SKU: 5C106902213
Pashmina Gravy BoatPashmina Gravy Boat
SKU: 5C106903100
Pashmina Gravy StandPashmina Gravy Stand
SKU: 5C106903101
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