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Wedgwood Intaglio

Contemporary meets classical with the Intaglio pattern, which combines the embossed textures so popular during the Georgian era with a clean, white glaze finish that is unmistakably modern. Each individual piece is beautifully rendered in white, fine bone china and embossed with patterns inspired by knurling and engine turning - resulting in a aesthetically delightful, tactile finish.

Wedgwood Intaglio PiecesMSRPSale!Qty
Intaglio 5-Piece Place SettingIntaglio 5-Piece Place Setting
SKU: 5C104000027
Intaglio 4-Piece Place SettingIntaglio 4-Piece Place Setting
SKU: 5C104009916
Intaglio Dinner Plate 10.75Intaglio Dinner Plate 10.75
SKU: 5C104005101
Intaglio Salad Plate 8Intaglio Salad Plate 8
SKU: 5C104005102
Intaglio Accent Salad Plate 9Intaglio Accent Salad Plate 9
SKU: 5C104005104
Intaglio Bread & Butter Plate 6Intaglio Bread & Butter Plate 6
SKU: 5C104005103
Intaglio TeacupIntaglio Teacup
SKU: 5C104005108
Intaglio Tea SaucerIntaglio Tea Saucer
SKU: 5C104005109
Intaglio Rim Soup Plate 9Intaglio Rim Soup Plate 9
SKU: 5C104005105
Intaglio All-Purpose Bowl 6Intaglio All-Purpose Bowl 6
SKU: 5C104005113
Intaglio Covered VegetableIntaglio Covered Vegetable
SKU: 5C104005117
Intaglio Oval Platter 13.75Intaglio Oval Platter 13.75
SKU: 5C104005106
Intaglio Oval Platter 15.25Intaglio Oval Platter 15.25
SKU: 5C104005107
Intaglio TeapotIntaglio Teapot
SKU: 5C104005110
Intaglio SugarIntaglio Sugar
SKU: 5C104005111
Intaglio CreamerIntaglio Creamer
SKU: 5C104005112
Intaglio Gravy BoatIntaglio Gravy Boat
SKU: 5C104005115
Intaglio Gravy StandIntaglio Gravy Stand
SKU: 5C104005116
Intaglio Charger 12Intaglio Charger 12
SKU: 5C104005100
Intaglio MugIntaglio Mug
SKU: 5C104003980
Intaglio Serving Bowl Medium 8Intaglio Serving Bowl Medium 8
SKU: 5C104005114
Intaglio Serving Bowl Large 10Intaglio Serving Bowl Large 10
SKU: 5C104005125
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