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Spode Woodland Moose

Spode Woodland Moose

Rendered in distinguished, earthy brown, British Flowers handsomely border illustrated studies of the Moose in its natural habitat. The Spode Woodland Moose collection is unique and will be a great addition to your Spode Woodland collection.

Spode Woodland Moose Individual PiecesMSRPSale!Qty
Woodland Moose Dinner Plate 10.5"Woodland Moose Dinner Plate 10.5"
SKU: 1535480
Woodland Moose Salad Plate 8"Woodland Moose Salad Plate 8"
SKU: 1535503
Woodland Moose Bread & Butter Plate 6"Woodland Moose Bread & Butter Plate 6"
SKU: 1535527
Woodland Moose Cereal Bowl 6"Woodland Moose Cereal Bowl 6"
SKU: 1535541
Woodland Moose Ascot Cereal Bowl 8"Woodland Moose Ascot Cereal Bowl 8"
SKU: 1535565
Woodland Moose Mug 9 oz.Woodland Moose Mug 9 oz.
SKU: 1535589
Woodland Moose Open Vegetable Dish 9.5"Woodland Moose Open Vegetable Dish 9.5"
SKU: 1535596
Woodland Moose Round Salad Bowl 9.75"Woodland Moose Round Salad Bowl 9.75"
SKU: 1535602
Woodland Moose Rectangular Platter 17.5"Woodland Moose Rectangular Platter 17.5"
SKU: 1535619
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